Соціально-психологічні напрями вдосконалення управлінської діяльності менеджерів вітчизняних MLM-фірм

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Брик, Оксана
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Статтю присвячено теоретичному дослідженню оптимізації управлінського процесу, зокрема стилю керівництва, в сучасних українських мережевих маркетингових компаніях та ролі практичних психологів щодо участі в цьому процесі.
The article addresses a theoretical study of optimization of administrative activity, in particular, the leadership style, in modern Ukrainian network marketing companies. It also examines the psychologist’s’ role in the aforementioned activity in order to achieve maximum effectiveness of the administrative activity under the market economy conditions. The study states that under market economy conditions, the strategic goal of improvement of the management process should be its overall democratization and humanization, focusing on the individual as the target, subject, and object of management. This holds especially true for network marketing companies since their main line of activity lies in working with people and through people – distributors – on whom the reputation of the company, its turnover and profits depend. Since a specific managerial situation that could arise through the process of management may require the usage of methods or techniques inherent to different styles of leadership, the manager’s mastering the largest possible number of different methods and techniques for people management would be the psychological reserve for optimization of the management style in MLM-companies. The solution to the problem of development of the optimal leadership style requires an effective increase in the psychological competence and self-improvement of managers. This applies to both network marketing managers and MLM-companies’ executives, since the latter also require psychological support and advisory assistance to adapt to work conditions and requirements. This kind of support and assistance could be provided either by full-time specialists of the company’s socio-psychological department or by invited independent experts in management psychology. It may also be useful to promote cooperation between the company’s socio-psychological department and the invited independent experts. In addition, visiting seminars on psychology of management and relevant socio-psychological topics, as well as round tables or conferences conducted by professional socio-psychological organizations and sociopsychological training centers and by MLM-companies’ executives could have a positive impact on the optimization of the management process.
менеджер мережевого маркетингу, управлінський процес, стиль керівництва, психологічна допомога, психологічний консалтинг, network marketing manager, administrative activity, leadership style, psychological help, psychological consulting
Брик Оксана Михайлівна. Соціально-психологічні напрями вдосконалення управлінської діяльності менеджерів вітчизняних MLM-фірм / Брик О. М. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Педагогічні, психологічні науки та соціальна робота. - 2016. - Т. 188. - С. 56-60.